Nelly Ben Hayoun in NASA


kl 17-19

As she returned from traveling to four continents and beyond 14 cities in one month with the hope to bring back the origins of knowledge in her suitcase, the Willy Wonka of Design and Science- Dr. Ben Hayoun- stopped by in Gothenburg to share some of the mysteries behind her practice and production of the impossible.

Somewhat a little alien, a little homo-sapiens and a real dreamer, Dr. Ben Hayoun, a Wired Innovation fellow, activist, designer of experiences and the world’s best speaker according to The Drum, is not one to shy away from any challenges. Get a jolt of power packed energy and join her in a roller coaster of ’monstrous’ large-scale projects, understand the practice of the Design of Experiences and ask her some wild questions!

The audience heard about astronauts playing music with The International Space Orchestra; asteroids impacting the earth with Disaster Playground, extreme forms of life on our planet and beyond with Space Viking and finally tuition-free universities under nightclubs with the University of the Underground. Dr. Ben Hayoun also presented some behind the scenes of her latest project ’I am (not) a Monster’  an impossible pursuit- looking for the origins, mechanics and power dynamics behind knowledge.





Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun is a designer of extreme experiences that aims to bring the sublime to life. Dubbed the “Willy Wonka of Design,” Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun is an award-winning French designer and filmmaker who creates multi-dimensional experiential projects at the intersection of science, theatre, politics and Design. Wired awarded her, their inaugural Innovation Fellowship in 2014, and Icon magazine recognized Dr. Ben Hayoun as one of the top 50 designers ’shaping the future’ for her pioneering “total bombardment” design philosophy.

Her laboratory, NBH Studios, is on a mission to bring chaos to the world; she is the founder and director of the International Space Orchestra the world’s first orchestra of NASA space scientists and astronauts; and most recently she founded the University of the Underground, a subversive tuition free educative and cultural programme that is on course to create disorder in academia.

Her award winning projects include an immersive installation that imagines the experience of a sonic boom, a reclining chair simulating the 3 stages of a rocket launch, and two feature length documentaries; the International Space Orchestra (IFFR 2013) and Disaster Playground (SXSW 2015). In 2018, Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun has completed her 3rddocumentary film, I am (not) a Monster.

Her various roles include Chief of Experiences at WeTransfer, Designer of Experiences at the SETI (search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, Member of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Permanent Committee The International Academy of Astronautics(IAA), advisor to the United Nations Virtual Reality Labs, Research Director at Brooklyn based design Institute A/D/O, advisory board member at AIGA (American Institute for Graphic Arts), associate fellow at Hannah Arendt Centre, Bard College for Politics and Humanities. Dr. Ben Hayoun currently splits her time between London, Amsterdam and New York City.




Arrangerades i samverkan med Iaspis, Konstnärsnämndens internationella program för bild- och formkonstnärer