Studio Alight is a creative collective formed to alight the invisible. The studio is curiously obsessed with potentials that inform and misinform our society by immersing in arts and technology. Using our artistic methods, we seek to reframe, conceptualize and contextualize the seemingly unexplained, unvisited and most importantly the unmapped. The collective is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and holds a long-term artist residency with the Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art. The collaborating creatives within the team are the following individuals: Fredrik Garneij, Samantha Hookway, and Christofer Kanljung.



Christofer Kanljung is an artist and software engineer. While engineering takes him into commercial spaces that work in the field of autonomous drive and the coded networks. His practice draws from his experience of software to use code, artificial intelligence and machine learning to expose and map power structures and biases in society. Artistically, Kanljung pursues the symbiosis between human and machine.



Native to all matters of clouds, connecting and beyond Fredrik Garneij is a connectivity artist and engineer with a solid foot in the practice of creating novelty. Novelty is a driver in Fredrik’s practice which includes exponential experiences of successful patents and revealing the art within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Garneij works to bring out the full potential of every human and nonhuman he meets.



Samantha Hookway is an American born artist, designer, and educator who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Samantha’s practice is especially driven by the power of the in-between, a window that is pregnant with possibilities – whether this window is acting as a transition in our experiences, a momentary cognitive understanding or is a literal piece of glass that sits between two worlds. She is a lecturer in design at HDK; Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University.