Out of the Abyss, the first of a two-part art exhibition arranged within the frames of The Abyss Festival.


With Out of the Abyss ICIA launched the C/O program where artists and curators can propose shorter exhibitions or smaller projects to take place at ICIA’s art space.




Out of the Abyss consist of a variety of artworks carefully selected as they all in a physical, brutal and visual manner affects one’s senses in an equally direct manner as if one is listening to a guitar riff by Tony Iommi himself.


For the artist and curator Josefine Östberg Olsson, it is the inherent darkness that unites the artistic expressions. Obscene gestures, kisses and punches, studs, leather, intestines and skins. Different expressions being twirled together, forming a tangled ecosystem to exist within rather than occurring as separate artworks.


Participating artists in this first part:

Lotta Antonsson

Klas Eriksson

Oscar Ramos

Linnéa Sjöberg

Yngvild Sæter

Janne Turunen

Johan Zetterquist

Zara Zetterquist

Markus Öhrn

Josefine Östberg Olsson (curator)


Konstverk: Josefine Östberg Olsson, Klas Eriksson och Markus Öhrn. Foto: Queenning Zhao


more info about the festival: https://theabyss.se/festival/