Public lecture by David Carroll on his data quest against Cambridge Analytica

Screenshot taken from The Great Hack on Netflix


Business & Design Lab and ICIA organised a two-day event with a finissage of the Rob Law exhibition Thursday October 24th and a special screening of The Great Hack followed by a public lecture by David Carroll, one of the main subjects in this documentary from 2019 on Friday October 25th. 


Thursday October 24

6 pm finissage Rob Law exhibition

7 pm screening The Great Hack


 ICIA, Järnmalmsgatan 5, Ringön

Free admission


Friday October 25 

4 pm public lecture David Carroll followed by a talk with Jannice Käll


School of Business and Law

Vasagatan 1

Free admisson

Please RSVP to


David Carroll is one of the main subjects in The Great Hack (2019) on Netflix, who filed a legal claim against Cambridge Analytica demanding to see what information was in his voter profile. 


David Carroll explains his lecture:
“Attempting to repatriate my voter profile from the now notorious Cambridge Analytica brought me deep into an unbelievable rabbit hole. Discovering that voter data sets from the US presidential elections of 2016 were processed in the United Kingdom meant that UK Data Protection law would apply and the Information Commissioner’s Office would have jurisdiction. Follow my journey starting out learning that I could ask for my data in the UK, what that meant, and why I had standing for a legal challenge taking it all the way to the only criminal prosecution of the company as it shut down. Consider what lessons we have already learned from the Cambridge Analytica scandal and what we still may learn as revelations continue to emerge, years later.”


The lecture was followed by a talk with Jannice Käll. 


David Carroll is an Associate Professor of Media Design at Parsons School of Design, New School, New York. He teaches graduate students working at the intersections of interaction design, culture, politics, and policy. He tweets at @profcarroll


Jannice Käll is doctor in legal theory, senior lecturer in Intellectual property law and post doc in law and artificial intelligence. Her research focuses on data as property and digital legal personhood. One of the questions that runs through her research is how control over digital property today goes further than functioning as a form of ownership over digital things. This understanding developed in her research implies that it can be shown that both public space as well as personhood is part of what is controlled when data becomes a business asset. Her research aims to show how this form of change in control over data therefore changes both how we can understand the limits of property as well as law’s function in society.


Screening of The Great Hack at ICIA