The New Patrons are you.

People who want to give themselves a voice and give form to their own vision. For far too long, only a privileged few could commission an artwork. We want to ensure that everyone can. We bring people together with artists to help them create the kind of art that promotes change and that their communities need and therefore find meaningful. Anyone with ideas can commission an artwork that is just as at home in the patron’s own social setting as it is in a museum. The New Patrons Society makes this possible by helping locals, artists, and other partners realize ambitious projects, from commissioning and funding to final execution.

Since 1992, the New Patrons have assisted the completion of over 500 projects: works of art and architecture, films, music, literature, Internet projects, and theater productions. More than 300 of these were produced in France, where the New Patrons have become a permanent fixture in the artistic and wider community, particularly in the country’s economically underdeveloped regions. Thousands of partners – independent mediators, funding bodies, and initiatives that share a common goal – have helped make this work possible. The New Patrons do not represent an institution but a new technique of artistic production.