In October 2017, the artist Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena set up a studio at Hjällbo torg, where he had been working to produce the new work that opened at December 7.

The work was the start of a longer project, which continued over 2018 when Fabra returned to the refugee camp Moheda in Småland, where he arrived in 1979 from Uruguay. He aimed at making a monument over this long abolished and forgotten place. The project started in Hjällbo, where Juan-Pedro Fabra will start his journey between centre and periphery, fact and mythology, the visible and invisible.


Still from The Children from Hjällbo (The children from Moheda)


The installation in the old zoo-shop of Hjällbo was composed by large paintings, wooden structures and a film where we saw the actor/performer Segal Mohamed present the small play of these children’s mythology.

The aim for the art work in Hjällbo was to address issues on the construction of the national identity and the creation of meaning of places. How and who can claim culture, history and landscape. Who has the right to fictional storytelling and contribute to new mythologies in the future history writing in Sweden?


THE CHILDREN FROM HJÄLLBO (THE CHILDREN FROM MOHEDA) was curated by Anna van der Vliet, Artistic Director ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art and art consultant at Gothenburg Art.

Special thanks to Segal Mohamed, Gustavo Perillo and the team at Gothenburg Film Studios.