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Lauren Lee McCarthy and David Leonard’s I.A. Suzie


The exhibition MANIPULATIONS showcases works which reflect on how artists and designers highlight and educate the public into understanding the agenda of our society’s governing. Particularly, in our time of the reigning digital capitalists [and the systems they wish us not to understand], MANIPULATIONS ask questions: Who are the tool makers and who are the tool users of our societies? What does a citizen need to participate effectively in the dynamics of today’s systems?


Simultaneously, this exhibition is the launch of, E.A.T. SPATIAL, the gallery format experiment – a tied-to-the-physical-site digital gallery departing from ICIA’s art space on Ringön. This format creates a semi-physical site-specific digital experience for the viewers to navigate and share experience. The platform developed by Studio Alight is part of the E.A.T. [Experiments in Art and Technology] in collaboration with ICIA.


MANIPULATIONS, opening scheduled for November 14, will be the first exhibition viewed in this built platform and exhibiting local and international artists Lauren Lee McCarthy, David Leonard, Andreas Refsgaard, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Saša Nemec, and Danielle Heath. Alongside the group exhibition further programming is planned such as an artist talk for project, Law Shifters, by Stine Marie Jacobsen, a live event with Lauren Lee McCarthy and David Leonard and public talks connected to HDK-Valand’s AI.Design.01 Masterclass.


E.A.T. Experiments in Art and Technology is a collaboration between ICIA and Studio Alight supported by Gothenburg City. The exhibition MANIPULATIONS is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond and the workshop sessions are collaborating with HDK-Valand’s Business Design Lab’sproject AI.design.01 Masterclass funded by AI Competence in Sweden.