From the recording of The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging


“The political is the very foundation of my artistic work. The political happens every day, between people in my neighbourhood, people who share my existence. I see and feel a physical and mental distance between those on their knees on the street and passers by, between beggars and givers. The viewer is invited into that space “in-between”. There is a dialogue, or lack of dialogue, between the two choruses: between voices, facial expressions and bodies. The installation The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging is an embodiment of this experiential space. A mirror of the situation that everybody can experience on the street and refer to in their day-to-day lives. It is my hope that art will make visible this in-between space – which seems difficult to talk about – as a space for action; and thus contribute to the possibility for political action in and about this space.”

 The film- and sound installation The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging is a newly produced work by artist Cecilia Parsberg, which takes place in a container installation behind Röda Sten Konsthall. The project is part of Parsberg’s research: How do you become a successful beggar in Sweden? 

Photo: Kjell Caminha


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