Rambo. Complicated, troubled, haunted, too often misunderstood.
If you’ve heard about him but haven’t met him before, he´s about to surprise you.*


You Made Me, Oscar Guermouche. Foto: Henrik Rylander


In the centrally located park Slottsskogen in Gothenburg, by the site Lilla dammen where the sculpture Two Piece Reclining Figure No.3 by Henry Moore was previously situated, a person has barricaded himself. Surrounded by a high black plank you will see a black house, a lit window and hear the sound of a piano alternated with the sound of a weapon being taken apart and put together. The piano piece is the theme Lonely Man from the TV-series the Hulk. From the trees a male voice reads excerpts from various films and texts about defence and readiness. Who has barricaded himself in a house in the middle of the park is unclear. What has driven the person in question to literally build himself in, is also uncertain.


You Made Me, 2016, Oscar Guermouche


The large-scale installation You Made Me by artist Oscar Guermouche is the second production in the exhibition series Aesthetic of Law, produced by ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art. The exhibition is inaugurated at 5 pm Tuesday October 18, and is on until November 30.

Fundamental in Guermouche’s artistic practice is the aesthetics of readiness. He has been examining different strategies and methods for defence and survival in various media and forms. Re-emerging in his work is his inclination to stereotypical male characters, focusing on heroes, the machinery and the monster.

The site-specific installation You Made Me in Slottsskogen constitutes a climax within the project Third Generation, which Oscar Guermouche has been working with for several years. Through a formation of the individual’s state of readiness, the work deals with issues of threat-levels, and how the individual identity is being shaped by the phantasm of threat.

During 2016 and onwards, ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas & Art works within the overall thematic Aesthetic of Law, which investigates the organisation of people through law, norms and aesthetics during modernity. The exhibition series was initiated with the work Du gamla, du fria (Fragments from the National Anthem of Sweden) by artist Mattias Norström in Vasaparken in August. The sculpture raised questions on national identity.

* Rambo and Me, from the introduction to First Blood by David Morell, 1988


You Made Me
Installation, mixed media
House, plank; plywood, glass, sound, light
Sound 1: Weapon being taken apart and put together
Sound 2: Piano, The Lonely Man, theme from TV-series the Hulk, composer Joe Harnell.
Sound 3: Voice reading excerpts from various litterature and films about defence.

Oscar Guermouche, artist
Anna van der Vliet, curator

Sara Henriksson
Sandra Praun
Frida Sjöstam
Pecka Söderberg
Teodor Söderberg
Linda Tedsdotter
Mikael Thenor
Kevin Qvarnström
Anna van der Vliet
Grant Watkins
John Dexter Zetterquist
Johan Zetterquist

You Made Me was produced with support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Gothenburg City and Västra Götaland Region.