HeArt by Jessika Björhn, Photo: Queenning Zhao


ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art have since it was found in 2012 produced multiple site specific exhibitions, research projects and programmes, mainly in the public space or in collaboration with existing institutions. During the last couple of years a longing for a more long term context and a fixed point have grown larger; to along with artists explore and create a common ground.


Summer 2018 ICIA moved to Ringön, a small-scale industrial area in the harbor of Gothenburg. Thanks to the property owner and patron Ulf Bergman ICIA has been given the opportunity to take over a 1200 m2 space that is the basis for exhibitions, programmes, studio spaces and a common workshop. ICIA will also continue its work with artistic projects in the public space, with focus on Ringön. Many of the studio spaces in the house are used by practitioners that work in the interface between technology, artificial intelligence and art.


Ringön host around 800 businesses, from metal workshops to smaller ship yards and recycling centrals. In the recent years many artists and other creative organisations have moved to Ringön, which creates a context well aligned ICIAs direction towards artistic production.


Järnmalmsgatan 5