ART as a space for action

Writer Samira Motazedi was leading the project Art as a Space for Action, produced by ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art.
The project focused on artistic practices in the states of migration and included an open network that will meet at Skogen on six Tuesday evenings during the spring 2016. Dates are set to: February 23, March 22, April 5, May 17 and May 31 from 6 pm -9 pm, at Skogen.

The project also consisted of a Neshast - a seminar taking place in December 2015. Read more about it here.
Everyone with an interest in exploring the issues of migration and artistic production were welcome to join. The evenings consisted of workshops, discussions and food. Various artists and cultural producers collaborated with us to set the program for each Tuesday throughout the spring 2016.

Art as a Space for Action resulted in a new projekt that is starting off during the autumn 2016. Samira Motazedi is leading the group of New Patrons that is in the process of commissioning a new public art project, that is being produced by ICIA. 
Read more about New Patrons here.  

For more information, please contact Samira Motazedi on samira [@]

Art as a Space for Action genomfördes med stöd från Göteborgs stads kulturnämnd och Frispel Västra Götalandsregionens kulturnämnd.