Strategy and development

ICIA - Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art is involved in several strategy and development projects. There is a need for knowledge and experience from within the art world that participate in structural issues on the conditions, possibilities, challanges and importance of art in our time.

Through commissions from other art organisations, institutions, municipalities or regions, ICIA offers councelling, ideas and analyses around current conditions and strategies for future art investments. 

current commissions

Anna van der Vliet, artistic director of ICIA has been appointed to execute a plan for action regarding temporary art projects through out the work of Västlänken; a large city- and infrastructure development project in Gothenburg. The plan for action is commissioned by Gothenburg Art.

Completed commissions

ICIA was in charge of the Swedish application for hosting the European art biennial Manifesta in 2018. The commission was made by region Småland. 

ICIA was commissioned by Uppsala region to make a strategy on how to establish a new art organisation working with all seven municipalities that constitute the region.

ICIA was commissioned by Uppsala Concert & Concert for a prestudy researching the possibilities as to how to work with contemporary art inside the institution.

ICIA, in collaboration with Gothenburg Konsthall, was in charge of a strategy on developing an artist-in-residency program in the Western region of Sweden. The commission was made by Region Västra Götaland.