How can we broaden a democratic participation within an art context? How can art meet both a societal need while also defend the artistic integrity and maintain its quality?

The commissioner of art is usually the one with the financial assets. Within New Patrons the commissioner is the one with the need. New Patrons create a structure for how art can meet society without becoming a victim of instrumentalization, and how art can further its relevance through addressing a need formulated by people directly involved with the issue at hand. By using a mediator that have experience both in working with diverse groups that are affected by certain issues and have an extensive knowledge within the art field, a process that both cater for an artistic agency as well as the needs formulated by the commissioners is created.

No matter the financial conditions of the commissioners or previous experience within the arts, individuals and groups can get support in their work with articulating thoughts, needs and contentious issues they consider not enough debated within society at large. 

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During 2017 ICIA will initiate their first project within New Patrons, Art as a Space for Action. 

ICIA intends to establish New Patrons as a method for artistic production in Sweden.
Please, contact us for further information or with suggestions for  new commissions. 

ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas & Art have a three year Cultural strategic development project grant supported by the Cultural Department of the Western Region of Sweden and development support from the Swedish Arts Council in order to establish the method New Patrons in Sweden.