Friday, 22 august

following works open

Carpet 1.
Joanna Rajkowska (–12 Sept) at Götaplatsen.

Open Letter to A Working Comrade 1936/2013 2.
Johanna Gustavsson, Simone Weil & Angel Haze (–14 Sept), at Ödetomten, Södra Hamngatan 2. The work is best after sunset. 

The Alphabet of Feeling Bad 3. 3. 
Karin Michalski & Ann Cvetkovic, (–14 Sept) at Mornington Hotel, room 101, 1st floor 

The Sculpture 4. 
Patrik Bengtsson, (–14 Sept) walking 3 km to Gränsgatan, Tran station: Shalgrenska's main entrance/Botaniska (see map). 

Minimal Competence 5. 
Roxy Farhat, Johanna Friedman & Hanna Stenman, (–14 Sept) at Gothia Towers lobby

Inauguration party of 'counterparts' And 'THE Institute for POLITIcal Therapy'

When: 19:30–22:00
Where: Skogen, Masthuggsterassen 3 
Inauguration of The Institute for Political Therapi
(Tova Gerge & Lisa Färnström) DJ Elena Wolay – Jazz är farligt plays. Fanzine–release of Jazz är farligt #3

Saturday, 23 august

Presentation of 'carpet'

When: 11:00–12:00
Where: Trappscenen, Stadsbiblioteket
Talk: Joanna Rajkowska 
Presentation on her installation Carpet at Götaplatsen. 1.
Language: English


When: 13:00–14:30
Where: TrappscenenStadsbiblioteket  2.
Talk: WORDS NEEDED, a feminist-­queer art project 

A conversation between Anna Linder, Karin Michalski and Johanna Gustavsson about WORDS we NEED like killjoy, backwardness and being at an impasse.

WORDS NEEDED is moving images that express visual dialogues - creating a space for public feelings involving Ann Cvetkovich, Anna Linder, Angel Haze, Atom Cianfarani, Johanna Gustavsson, Karin Michalski, Maja Borg, Maya Suess, Simone Weil, Timo Menke and Virginia Woolf. 


When: 16:00-18:00 
Where: Containers behind Röda Sten Konsthall  8
Inauguration of Cecilia Parsberg's film and audio installation The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging. (–14 Sept)

Following works open

A Gift From Haroon 
Haroon Natan, Carl-Oscar Sjögren & Karin Linderoth, The non existent Center. 10.00–17.00, Stadsmuseet, Norra Hamngatan 12 7. 

Guide by Numbers
Marika Hedemyr, outside Göteborg's Police House, Ernst Fontells plats  (9 –Sept).9.
For dates, times and booking, read more here.

Let’s meet in Göteborg
Marika Hedemyr, Bar Heaven 23 i Gothia Towers, Mässans gata 24  10. (6–Sept).
For dates, times and booking, read more here.

Sunday, 24 august


At Kjell's 11.
Kjell Caminha, 12:00–15:00, Västra Andersgårdsgatan 15A. Nearest tran station: Rambergsvallen

Monday, 25 august


Lecture and talk by Chantal Mouffe
Where: Angeredsteater, Triörgatan 13.
Language: English

Chantal Mouffe, prof. Political Theory, gives a lecture on her latest book: Agonistics – Thinking the World Politically (Verso, Lonndon 2013). 

Radical politics today - activism, agonism and passions.
The lecture is followed with a conversation between Chantal Mouffe and Ann Ighe, PhD. History of Economics and activist Ship to Gaza.

Saturday, 30 august

The Boundaries of Art,-The boundaries of Psychotherapy

When: 19:00
Where: Skogen, Masthuggsterassen 3
Language: Swedish

Poet Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson, theater director Lisa Färnström and Psychology student Kristoffer Liljedahl talk about the boundaries of art in relation to Psychotherapy.

Saturday, 6 september

On therapy and other political problems

When: 18:00
Where: Skogen, Masthuggsterassen 3 5. 
Language: English 

An open discussion between artist Valentina Desideri and the Psychology student Kristoffer Liljedahl around the experience of Political Therapy and the questions it opens up: What are the differences and similarities between fake and real therapy? What role do the performative and formal aspects of therapy play in healing? And in living?

Subversive depression

Lecture by Edda Manga
When: 20:00 
Where: Skogen, Masthuggsterassen 3 6. 
Language: Swedish 

Is the treatment for depression a politically repressive action? Can psychoanalytic theory provide tools to understand and subversively use the internalization of power and embodiment? The lecture represents a reflection on embodied agent based on Frantz Fanon's experience as a psychiatrist revolutionary in Algeria, and on Judith Butler's attempt to turn the psychoanalytic theory against itself in terms of production over a white heterosexual conception of the human.

For more info visit Skogen

Monday, 8 september


When: 18:00
Where: Conference room at Gothia Towers hotel 7. 
Language: Swedish

The Centre for Minimal Competence (Roxy Farhat & Hanna Stenman) gives a lecture on their twelve-step program for men trapped in patriarchal structures.

Saturday, 13 september


When: 09:00-21:00
Where: Angered arena 12. 

Run for Your Life! 

On Saturday 13 September, people at all ages are welcome to participate in the artistic sports event Run for You Life! at Angered arena. Running, Walking, with wheelchair, on crutches, or crawling – everyone can be part of this collective and symbolic relay in solidarity with undocumented people. The day will also consist of a program with acts, music, reading and so on. Everyone is welcome to join or to cheer on those who do!


sunday, 14 september

Election night party

When: 19:00 – late
Where: Röda Sten Konsthall 8. 

On Sunday 14 September Counterparts/ICIA, Skogen, Institute of Political Therapy and Röda Sten Konsthall invite you to the election night party with snacks, music and politics!


Map over Gothenburg for 'Counterparts'

The program is also in English and can be downloaded as a pdf

Karin Michalski, Johanna Gustavsson and Anna Linder at Gothenburg city library

From the inaguration of The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging 

From Chantal Mouffe's lecture Agonistics - Thinking the World Politically