Guide by Numbers

Marika Hedemyr

Date: 23 Augusti–6 September
Lör/Sat 23/8, 30/8, 6/9 kl 12,
Wed, 27/8, 3/9 Thu 28/8, 4/9 and Fri 29/8, 5/9 kl 12 och kl 18,
Pickup-point: outside Göteborg's Police House, Ernst Fontells plats

Duration: 45 min
Language: Swedish, English on demand
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In the middle of Gothenburg’s heart, in between the Police house, the District Court, the Arrest, two office buildings and Ullevi Arena, there is a brand new community garden.

Marika Hedemyr will take you on a guided tour in this camera surveilled garden that is still unnamed. Through statistics, occupancy, and exact numbers, she will tell about present and absent bodies i this force field which has 6000 people overground, 15 000 people underground, 7 surveillance cameras, fifteen 200 year old trees that are 27 metres high, 1 105 windows towards the garden, a grass lawn as large as the size of a half football pitch, where one half is public and the other half is private. 

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