Open Letter to A Working Comrade 1936/2013


Date: 22 Augusti–14 September
Where: Façade at Södra Hamngatan 47, Brunnsparken
Opening hours: The work is best seen during sunset
Duration: 13:26 min
Language: Swedish

An English version will be shown here throughout the exhibition period.
"In 1936, philosopher, activist, communist Simone Weil writes Open letter to a working comrade after a series of successful occupations of factories throughout France. I find her letter in 2013 and fall headlong. Throughout 2013, in the midst of the viscous neo-liberal politics of our time, I read and re-read, re-write and cut-up the letter a thousand times in the company of north American rapper Angel Haze. Weil is on the other side of organizing for change while we have it right in front of us. Weil gives meaning to our struggle, we have presence and importance, we are her comrade."
                                                         Johanna Gustavsson

Open Letter to A Working Comrade 1936/2013 is screened in a Swedish version on the façade on the empty site at Södra Hamngatan 47 in Brunnsparken, and also printed in the Counterparts magazine. 

Open Letter to a Working Comrade 1936/2013 was developed within the project Words Needed by curator Anna Linder for Umeå 2014. Words Needed consists of four new productions that express visual dialogues, make political claims and define a possible utopian world